The Diocese of Upper South Carolina
We are partners with the Diocese and support their mission, as well as the global mission of the church.   Our teens have attended Happening, as well as other activities for youth.  We have two delegates, Todd Bridge and Tyrone Balls who represent at Council every November.  Genevieve Alert has served on the Commission for Congregations for the past 7 years and continues to support small mission churches. 

Family Promise
We partner with Trinity Presbyterian Church in the heartwarming ministry of Family Promise.  This organization helps place families in homes and jobs as they transition from difficult times.  We help provide nourishing meals to those families to end homelessness. 

Families Helping Families
Every Christmas season, we adopt a family and provide gifts to the family as a way to spread the love and joy of the Christmas spirit.

Annie Burnside Elementary School
We have a partnership with Annie Burnside Elementary School.  We are part of their School Improvement Council and advocate literacy to our young neighbors.  We provide a school blessing at the beginning of each school year, in hopes of a safe and successful school year for students, teachers, and staff. 

New Initiatives 2023-24
This year we will have a team of readers visit Annie Burnside Elementary each month to read a special story to all 2nd graders.  In our efforts to promote literacy in our community, our children of Super Saturday are building a Mini-Library Exchange on our campus, open to all children in the neighborhood to take, read, and grow!